How to Apply for an ICICI Bank Credit Card and Obtain Redeemable Points

ICICI Bank is an international financial service provider with its roots firmly in India but has expanded globally and continues to grow in popularity. With branches available in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and numerous other countries, the ICICI Bank is now extending its valuable services to everyone.


Among their services, one will find a wide selection of credit card options that offer plentiful benefits and awards that can be spent in rewarding ways.

Redeemable points can be claimed to purchase gifts or used as cashback credit. To find out how you can apply for a credit card today, feel free to read on.

How to Apply for an ICICI Bank Credit Card and Obtain Redeemable Points


ICICI Bank has plenty of variant credit card options to choose from, all of which have tailored benefits and features that are designed to meet the individual requirements of their valued customers. Among these options, you will find the Gemstone range of cards that you can compare against each other with the help of their online card comparing service to choose whichever suits your needs the best.

Each option has its specified benefits but shares the same standard security services offered by ICICI Bank, including Chip and Pin security, and 3D Secure for online banking that is verified with both VISA and MasterCard.

ICICI Bank also provides different banking services and options, allowing you to comfortably bank with them online. Choose from their tailored smartphone app, or the ICICI Bank exclusive Pocket system available for VISA cardholders. 

They also offer a wide range of rewards and discounts for their loyal patrons.

Some of these rewards include the chance to earn Payback points, which can be redeemed in two variant ways. You have the option to claim Payback points in the form of credited cashback

You can also spend these points as gift voucher discounts on a variety of products that include lifestyle goods, entertainment, travel, mobiles, and appliances.

Discounts vary per card choice, but in general, offer their customers valuable savings that amount to profitable annual figures. These savings include but are not limited to a 1% waiver surcharge on credit spent to purchase fuel. 

However, terms and conditions do apply, so for a full view of the disclaimer, you can visit the following link.

How to Apply

Applications can be done online and will be instantly approved if a successful application is completed. To do this, you could visit ICICI Bank’s online website, browse through all available credit card options, and compare using their credit card comparison chart page.

Once you have selected the card that is fit for you, simply use the Apply Now option, or if you want to save yourself some time, use the link to the application form we provide here.

Fill in the necessary details, follow the three-step prompts as you are guided through the process, and then you will be notified of approval instantly.

How to Obtain Redeemable Points

To redeem Payback points in credited cash, all you have to do is call the following number: 080-40146444, complete the process, and the cash amount you can redeem will appear in your account seven working days.

To redeem points by way of a gift, you can dial the following number to complete the request: 1860-258-5000. You can also visit to complete the process online. You will receive whichever gift you are eligible for and have chosen within 10 working days.

Points are earned whenever you make transactions using your credit card. Earnable points will vary from card to card, depending on what credit card you have applied for.

Some cards will reward you for every specified amount spent but will be subjected to a limit in earnable points. Other cards will provide greater reward points and would even increase the number of points earned when shopping internationally.

Who is Eligible?

Anybody with a stable annual income or self-employed professionals who can provide the necessary documentation is eligible. The limit pre-set by your creditworthiness will greatly depend on previous credit history as well as your annual income.

Fees and Interests

Fees and interest rates vary per credit card option. Some will require an activation fee as well as an annual fee, while some will be issued without any mandatory fees.

For a detailed comparison of interest rates and fees, including late payment fees, you can feel free to read the following attached document that details all the comparative figures.

The average overdue interest rate for extended credit applied to the majority of credit cards, which only excludes a handful of options, is rated at a monthly figure of 3.40% that accumulates to an annual figure of 40.80%.

Bank Contact Info

To get into contact with ICICI Bank, you can use any of the following contact portals.

Customer Care Personal Banking Line: 1860 120 7777

Customer Care Corporate Banking Line: 1860 120 6699

Customer Care Wealth/Private Banking Line: 1800 103 8181

Alternatively, you can visit their online services at

How to Apply for an ICICI Bank Credit Card and Obtain Redeemable Points


With ICICI Bank’s top-class services, it has never been this easy or quick to apply for a credit card. Feel free to browse their many options, and choose the reward program and credit services that suit your lifestyle and financial reach. 

Note: It is essential to keep in mind that there are risks involved with any type of credit card. You should look at the terms and conditions of any financial institution so you can know the risks.