How to Download the Best Free Alternatives to Netflix

Like all those other streaming services, Netflix provides good entertainment to keep you busy for quite some time, and it does not cost that much. But not everybody can afford those types of luxury to provide a distraction from ordinary life, which is especially so for pensioners.


That is why there are alternatives for those on a tight budget and can not afford the extras. We take a closer look at those types of services that can easily be accessed and used by everyone.

So let’s jump in and see what they have to offer the everyday person out there.

How to Download the Best Free Alternatives to Netflix


It is very easy to get this streaming service, and it is available on many different platforms for your convenience.

If you are using an Android mobile device, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store for free.

For those users of the iOS mobile platform, you can get the app for free from the App Store and quickly set it up. It can be used on any mobile device using the iOS platform from iPhone to iPad and everything else.

The app is also available for free on Amazon and can be quickly and easily downloaded from their site.


  • You can watch all movies from this streaming service on the go on all your mobile devices.
  • All viewing content is available to you 24/7.
  • There are no hidden fees or any fees for that matter involved with this service.
  • You can instantly stream what it is you want to watch or download it to watch later.
  • It can be synchronized across all of your devices so you can simply pick up from where you stopped watching.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

Hoopla has a very extensive library of viewing content and is great for everybody. Anyone with a library card can register.

How to Download the Best Free Alternatives to Netflix

Tubi TV

Tubi TV can be used on all types of devices at home and mobile devices and is available for all platforms. Tubi is an entirely free service that is driven by advertisements, so there might be some interruptions from that.

For the iOS mobile devices, you can get it for free from the App Store and install it on your mobile device.

And if you are an Android platform user, it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

To watch on your devices at home, you can easily download the app from Amazon for free and quickly set yourself up.


  • Watch some of the best movies of all time, for free.
  • You can discover many international viewing contents and watch it free of charge.
  • There is even a section of ‘Not on Netflix’ you can browse.
  • Synchronize over all your devices, so you can keep on watching.
  • You can easily stream on the Web.
  • Download your favorite to watch later when you have no connection.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

This streaming service has a lot of movies to offer. There is a vast selection of family rated viewing content for the whole family.

How to Download the Best Free Alternatives to Netflix


This streaming service is available for all and is a movie rental service for streaming, but there is a huge database of free content. It is also available on many different platforms so you can easily watch your viewing content on the go.

For those who want to watch it from the devices at home, it is available from Microsoft to register easily.

For iOS platform device users, it is available for free from the App Store and can easily be installed on your devices.

The app for your Android devices is available from the Google Play store and can be downloaded for free.


  • You get a vast database of free entertaining viewing content.
  • Download now and watch later.
  • If you worked through the free stuff, there is always the rental service at a very low price.
  • Integrate seamlessly with all of your devices.

Who Is It Best Suited For?

The Vudu streaming service is especially great for family movies and series that can be viewed by the whole family.

How to Download the Best Free Alternatives to Netflix


As you can see, there are quite a few free streaming services alternative to Netflix, for those times you just want some alternatives. And it is great for the whole family with a lot of free stuff to watch at your disposal.