How to Get Tailor-made Aprilia Racing Suit

Now a days Racing Suit becomes a trends for bikers. If you are looking for some good racing jacket or motorcycle suit with some stylish logo and color then go for Aprilia leather suit. Aprilia leather suit is custom tailor-made Aprilia leather suit. You can choose the model and create your configuration of favourite colours! Even you can insert like the water pack in the camel back and the back guard, name and your sponsors etc custom things.
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Then your search might ends on Aprilia Racing Suit.

Steps to Configure Aprilia Racing Suit

Here we will going step by step process and Select and configure your Aprilia leather suit

1. Go to mentioned link below

2. You will be seeing below page and press “Start Configuration”

Aprilia Racing Suit

3. Select any one Suit, which you like the most

4. One you select, you will be landing on new page showing below.

Aprilia Racing Suit configarator

Here you will see all the below mention options.

  • Color — Select color which you like the most
  • Accessory — Choose various Accessories
  • Name — Write your name after selecting font and size
  • Logo — Choose any one logo
  • Various Option — Choose leather option and other options
  • Measures — Give your height and other measurements
  • Summary — You can see all above selected option before you go for order. You can store it in pdf as well.
  • Send — Write your complete detail will address and press SEND ESTIMATE REQUEST  button.


After all this, you will be able to receive your personalised garment directly at home.