How to Contact Customer Care for the Makeup Subscription Ipsy

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service beginning at $12 per month that offers a beauty bag of five deluxe cosmetics samples. The products include skincare products, perfumes, nail and skin products, and cosmetics based on consumer tastes. 


Ipsy is a provider of a social networking site that enables users to share with others their personal beauty ideas and items and allows them to get stylists’ beauty tips. It also provides videos from stylists and groups from YouTube. 

To learn more, read this blog if you want to contact Ipsy’s client service!

How to Contact Customer Care for the Makeup Subscription Ipsy
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About IPSY

In 2011, Ipsy was co-founded by Michelle Phan, a YouTube beauty vlogger, Marcelo Camberos, who entered the business as Funny or Die’s CEO, and Jennifer Jaconetti Goldfarb, who joined Bare Escentuals. The initial business model of the company was tested in December 2011 on a trial platform called 

The subscription package, including a bag of beauty samples, retailed at $12 per month and was later launched as to the public in September 2012. The business’s growth model is to drive subscriptions through Phan and other associated vloggers’ social impact. 

As it debuted in 2012, along with beauty vloggers Bethany Mota, Promise Phan, Jessica Harlow, and Andrea Brooks, Phan was the brand’s face. By February 2016, the organization had 10,000 vloggers who contributed to the subscription service with one or two videos a month.

More than just beauty products, IPSY is about much more!  It’s about celebrating all kinds of beauty in the world. They are about inspiration, encouragement, and cultivating a culture that represents both inner and outer radiance. 

IPSY Support: How to Contact?

The company aims to create a fun and healthy place to share its interests, thoughts, memories, and more with Ipsters. IPSY is a community full of diverse voices.

By clicking on ‘Get Instant Answers’ to help you find the answers you’re looking for, the easiest way to access IPSY Care is through their help site. 

On Twitter, they also provide support. They’ll be glad to support you! 

IPSY Treatment responds within 48 hours to any message (starting with the oldest ones first). Try searching your spam folder if you haven’t received an answer yet. If you have automatic response from them after you hit send, you’ll know your email went through.

IPSY Help Center

IPSY’s help center is where you can view frequently asked questions on their website. These are categorized into Account, Shipping, Billing, Your Bag, Shopping, Refreshments, Basic Information, and Community Updates. 

They don’t have a telephone or mobile service because they believe they can give their best customer services through email and Twitter. IPSY Treatment responds within 48 hours to any message (starting with the oldest ones first). 

The fastest and quickest way to get an answer if you ever have a problem, question, or suggestion is to email IPSY Care. They can not use public forums like Facebook to address many individual issues due to privacy reasons. On their social media platforms, they will do their best to assist you and answer general questions whenever they can, but it’s still best to email IPSY Care or Tweet @IPSYCare so they can investigate and help you! 


This is where you can subscribe: There will be a waitlist to obtain your first Glam Bag/Glam Bag Plus/Glam Bag X. Once you are taken off the waitlist and a Glam Bag is prepared for you, you will not be paid. When paid, you can expect to receive the following calendar month with your Glam Bag. 


How to Contact Customer Care for the Makeup Subscription Ipsy
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Note that Ipsy does not purchase the samples that go into the monthly sample bags; as publicity and in return for the reviews Ipsy gathers from subscribers, cosmetic companies supply them for free. 

Ipsy also does not pay vloggers via their social media to advertise the subscription service but instead provides mentoring, access to studio space, and the Phan and Ipsy partnership. Contact them now for more inquiries!