These Are the Companies With the Best Customer Service

Customer service plays a vital role in the development of a business. Not only is it an indicator to measure customer loyalty, increase revenue, and reduce churn rate, but also a mode to attract new customers in the competitive business world.


The actual customer service is always subjective, as every single customer expects something different. Fast delivery, convenience, uninterrupted communication, and after-sales maintenance are some of the keys to indicate excellent customer service for all. 

For every 10,000 companies boasting to offer a top-notch customer experience, only 100 or so are actually delivering it. Below, we have compiled some of the best companies that are wowing their customers with their impeccable customer service. They might help you do the same.

These Are the Companies With the Best Customer Service



The Ritz-Carlton is the epitome of excellent customer service. The name oozes sophistication and luxury and that’s in part to a staff that is incredibly dedicated to making sure the service matches the brand’s reputation as well. 

The premium hotel chain pledges to provide the finest personal service and facilities for its guests. Staff members at Ritz pay attention to the tiniest details and requests of the guests. Surely, the services aren’t cheap but people exactly know what they are paying for. 

There is a legendary story associated with the Ritz-Carlton’s superb customer service. Once a family was staying in Ritz-Carlton Bali, they had brought special milk and eggs for their child. When they arrived, they realized that the food had gone bad, so the Ritz-Carlton’s manager and staff searched the whole town but had no luck. 

That is when the executive chef remembered a store in Singapore that sold those items. The chef immediately contacted his mother-in-law in Singapore and requested her to purchase and deliver it to Bali. The hotel staff not only established a fantastic example of customer service but upped the bar in customer service.

Trader Joe’s

For people who do not know about Trader Joe’s, it is a specialty privately-owned grocery chain. The store is widely known for its organic products and reasonable prices and has millions of fans and fiercely loyal customers. 

The store ranks number one when it comes to customer satisfaction, as the employees are hyper-focused on each and every customer. From prompt checkouts to affable service and product recommendations, Trader’s Joe has been known for putting the customers first to create a personalized shopping experience.

Trader Joe’s proves the fact that when you treat your employees well and they are satisfied, they will adopt a similar approach with their customers. That is why Trader’s Joe provides very generous salaries, relaxed dress code, and has always endeavored to create a cheerful and fun environment.


Another name on our list is Amazon, which is considered the titan of the e-commerce world, logistics, payments, hardware, data storage, and media. It is the go-to site for almost every online shopper and merchant and has become a modern necessity due to their services.

The biggest online retailer store in the world has always been innovative with its customer service. Amazon is constantly pushing the limits when it comes to creating a memorable customer service experience. 

From loyalty and reward programs to extremely easy and clear return policies, and transparent payment systems, Amazon has it all to be called a customer-centric company. The big gun now also has voice-automated purchasing software and not to forget, drone-enabled product deliveries. 


Apple, the first-ever trillion-dollar company in the world has millions of customers visiting their retail stores on a daily basis. Apple’s entire brand value is built around the unshakable loyalty of its customers around the world. 

Consumer loyalty is not just based on its products, but also the customer care functionalities. Apple fans have always appreciated the high-standard access to customer care when they purchase from the global tech giant. 

Employees at Apple are trained and highly motivated to engage, communicate, offer innovative solutions, resolve customer issues promptly, and ultimately deliver customer service that makes Apple clients feel special. 

These Are the Companies With the Best Customer Service


The Bottom Line

A company can never achieve success until and unless they look forward to making their customers happy and satisfied. Many of the world’s top companies have understood this fact and now reap the rewards of having a client base that has no desire to go anywhere else.