All of the Ways to Reach Freshdesk Support

Customer support has evolved a great deal over the years. There were days when you had to go to a physical location to get help. Then it evolved into telephone line help operators, today there’s a ton of choices.


Now you can send companies emails or you can contact social media administrators on accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Today, the bar is set so high that supporting customers is no longer just one service rep. 

So, somewhere along the way, to ensure quality service, the means to evaluate performance in the support center have also changed. Freshdesk support helps customer support teams do better. Up next we tell you more about them.  

All of the Ways to Reach Freshdesk Support
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Check out this blog to learn how to reach their customer support. 

Freshdesk Overview

The right help desk will help your existing team and in turn, help your business grow. That’s why over 40,000 clients have chosen Freshdesk as their support desk app to date. 

With a powerful suite of features integrated into an intuitive UI, your agents can sign in and start addressing customer issues right away!

Freshdesk has been identified as the pioneer in G2 Crowd’s help desk tech space and is ranked the highest among other industry solutions. 

With more than 1700 ratings and an average ranking of 4.4, Freshdesk customers were most pleased with the app interface, outstanding customer service, low installation costs, customization, and continuous product improvement.

What Does Freshdesk Provide?

Freshdesk provides a suite of strong teamwork features that can help customer service teams work seamlessly and deliver superior customer service. 

Agents can loop in teammates for talks right inside tickets and can maintain exposure in tickets even though another team member is actually working on them. This way everyone can work together to solve a customer issue.

Freshdesk lets you talk to a Freshdesk agent right inside the Freshdesk user interface so you can get help fast if you have a problem. 

With a log of all contacts available right next to the ticket, the agents will work together with members from other departments, external partners, and more to settle customer issues more efficiently.

How to Contact Them

Freshdesk aims to help its consumers to find instant responses to their questions. So, they’ve made some improvements and added a whole new support widget to their software that you can check out. 

If you are looking for more assistance, please email One of their service officers will be in touch with you for more assistance. 

You can also check out for more information about the services they offer. 

Additionally, if you need emergency assistance and would like to speak to them you can call them in the US. 


You can try contacting US: +1 (855) 747 6767 or +1-866-832-3090  for any inquiries. 

In San Mateo, California, with a contact number +1 650 513 0514. 

Head Office

Their head office is located at 2950 S. Delaware Street, Suite 201, San Mateo, California.

FAQ Page

They also have a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page that answers in detail all the concerns of their clients plus it’s categorized by issue so you don’t have to worry browsing through tons of questions. 

Answers to general questions can be found here, but if you don’t find an answer, you can use the other platforms. You can choose which method is best for you based on the urgency of your issue. 

All of the Ways to Reach Freshdesk Support
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You can get pretty quick answers from Freshdesk support thanks to the variety of methods you can use to contact them. You can also use the widget in the Freshdesk interface to get more immediate help.

Customer service is the name of the game these days and Freshdesk can help you. Their customer support team’s main job is to help you help your customers in a better way.