How to Get the Best Customer Service From Amazon

If you’ve ever attempted to reach Amazon to make changes to your account or to adjust your order, you may have had some problems.


In reality, users can find it difficult to locate contact details for the eCommerce giant anywhere on their homepage.

Here are a few ways to help you get in touch with Amazon’s customer support should you have a dispute with your account.

How to Get the Best Customer Service From Amazon
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Contacting Amazon Via Phone

Amazon’s customer support number is 1-888-280-4331. And you should call the number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

However, calling Amazon always comes with a delay, and it often allows you to have a cell phone on hand that is matched with your Amazon account.

This will allow a customer service agent to give you a verification code via a text message before you can start answering your questions or sharing a problem.

However, if calling sounds like a hassle –  even with the possible ease of voice directing an Amazon Echo call – there are other ways to reach the company.

Contacting Amazon via Chat

Sometimes an online chat with the Amazon Customer Care rep is an easier way to get in touch with Amazon and fix a query. Here’s how to do that.

When signed in and on the home screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen than under the column called “Let’s Support You,” press “Support.” On the next page, underneath the heading “Browse Help Topics,” hover over “Need Further Help?”

From the menu that appears to the right, press “Contact Us.” In the next tab, pick the General Area of Concern from the four themes “Orders,” “Devices,” “Internet Content and Services” or “Prime” provided. 

Click the drop-down bar(s) under “Tell us something. Lastly, press the “Chat “button to initiate an online dialog with a customer service representative.

Contacting Amazon via Social Media 

If your favorite contact tool is social media, you can make a message, post, or hashtag on one of their various pages. This is not the most effective way to get there, but it will make it easier for you to air a concern.

Amazon’s Twitter Customer Support Account is @amazonhelp. Its Facebook page is They’re on Instagram — just follow @amazon.

Contacting Amazon via Email

If you want to contact Amazon via e-mail, there are two accounts that you can send mail to. But We’ve noted that the response time is always 48 hours or sometimes a little longer. 

That said, an email provides a database of your communications, which might be the right option for certain problems. For problems with your account, such as a billing dispute, please contact 

Why Amazon 

Amazon customer service is a practice that begins from top to bottom. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has gone out of his way at the company’s inception to prove how necessary it is to remember the customer at any opportunity. 

First of all, you have to consider the client, and any concerns they can carry to the table. Imagine how difficult it would be to negotiate with an organization that is not able to accept that a mistake has ever been made. 

Since that’s the case, often disappointed consumers never give a business a second chance at all. They’re all boarding the ship without looking around. They keep a grudge and spread derogatory feedback about you and your brand.

Amazon makes a  first, simple, and incredibly necessary move to help consumers to feel at ease,. And that is to ensure customers are first. 

How to Get the Best Customer Service From Amazon
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Amazon’s customer care addresses all of their complaints with velvet gloves as they say. They greet their clients by name and apologize for the inconvenience, and listen closely to the matter at hand. 

Amazon isn’t perfect, but you can easily contact them via their customer service contacts.