Learn How to Connect to Nearby Wi-Fi for Free

Free Wi-Fi connection is not just a must-have for those who travel a lot. It is a must-have for every human being who suddenly wants to check their inbox or make an online payment.


Unfortunately, there are not many free Wi-Fi spots wherever you go. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem from which every person can benefit.

There are many applications available for free in the Google Play Store and App Store. Those applications can provide free Wi-Fi connection anytime you want it.

Learn How to Connect to Nearby Wi-Fi for Free

Free Wi-Fi

Free WiFi is an application available for free only in the Google Play Store. The application is still not available for iOS users.

This application allows people to connect to the Internet for free and, at the same time, share their WiFi connection without a visible password.

It has been estimated that this application holds the biggest database, and you can use its services anytime you want all over the world. Free WiFi gives you full control, and you have a new title right after downloading it – WiFi Manager.

In this application, you can mark your favorite connections and also forbid your device to autoconnect. It also gives you suggestions about the best and worst connections.

You can even collect points with the actions you take within the application. These points bring trophies and make you the strongest among the other users.

Remember, this application does not hack WiFi connections. It only finds open Wi-Fi connections and connects you.

Auto WiFi Lite

Auto WiFi Lite is an application available for free only in the iOS App Store. This application logs onto your phone automatically and saves your username and password right after making an account.

As previously mentioned, the application is free and allows you to make tests to determine what works best for you. It gives you free Wi-Fi connections from free locations, like restaurants, cafes, universities, and hotels.

You should know that this application is also not able to hack Wi-Fi connections. Its system is quite advanced, so the connection to those hotspots won’t be visible. The app will forbid sending login notifications.

The application allows you to store as many WLAN hotspots as you want. There is no limit. It is effortless to use, and it does not require further clicks for reconnecting. 

After downloading, remember to open Auto WiFi and not Safari for it to work. Keep in mind that the application does not work with free hotspots that require usernames and passwords to log in

Osmino WiFi

Osmino WiFi, unlike other applications, does not require complicated settings changes to work correctly. This application is available for both Android users and iOS users. It can be found for free in the Play Store and App Store.

The application is not hard to figure out, and it has the most positive reviews when it comes to this sector. It contains over 120 million free WiFi hotspots and satisfies anyone who downloads it.

Travelers say that the application is an innovative solution that even provides free connection when time and traffic limits are occurring. It also allows sharing passwords with other Osmino users.

All information about every public hotspot is available on the map. The data is also obtained by data sent from users’ devices


Instabridge application is another one that is available for both Android users and iOS users. It can be found for free in the Play Store and App Store, and their motto is “free Internet for everyone”.

This application, unlike the others, gives information about the speed, as well as about the reputation of these free hotspots. There is also offline map access if you need it. 

Joining the community of this application is excellent because people give additional advice and are extremely helpful. It is simple but powerful.

Why do You Need One of these Applications?

Before everything else, these applications enable your devices to stay connected to the Internet all over the world. Also, they are entirely free and small.

You should be able to make online payments and check your mailbox while you are sunbathing on the beach or drinking coffee on a bench. 

Learn How to Connect to Nearby Wi-Fi for Free


Knowing how to connect to free Wi-Fi no matter where you go will allow you to stay connected at all times. This allows you to stay in contact with your friends and family, and if you have an emergency, you can easily get in contact with those who you need. Additionally, you can work online anytime, anywhere.

And if you want a few free alternatives to Netflix to watch with your free Wi-Fi, take a look here.