How to Contact Allstate Insurance Customer Service for Help

From faulty products to bugging questions, we all have relied upon customer support services for one thing or the other. Great customer service is the backbone of every organization. It helps the customers get maximum utility for their purchase.


Keeping this in mind, Allstate Insurance Corporation has adopted a prompt customer service model for the convenience of its customers. The customer support team is always on its toes to address and resolve any grievances you have with Allstate services.

You can contact Allstate customer service for registering complaints, seeking information, and assistance with any service/product. This article will guide you on all possible ways of contacting Allstate Insurance customer service for help.

How to Contact Allstate Insurance Customer Service for Help


About Allstate Insurance

A leading American insurance company, Allstate Corporation was founded in 1931 as a part of Sears, Roebuck, and Co. and later spun off in 1993. Allstate offers a range of risk protection products under multiple brands and diverse distribution channels. 

Allstate product range includes life, auto, home, and other insurance policies. Some of the well-known Allstate brands are Esurance, Encompass, SquareTrade, and Answer Financial, among others. The company is a household name and is especially popular for its tagline, “You’re in good hands with Allstate.”

Allstate’s quality services provide lifelong innovative protection and retirement solutions to its millions of customers. For its widescale business and quality frameworks, Allstate also made it to the Fortune 500 list of the top US corporations. 

What Can Allstate Customer Service Help You With?

Allstate has one of the most active and comprehensive customer service models that covers all customer grievances thoroughly. Here’s a list of all the issues that Allstate customer service can help you with.

First of all, you can get assistance for filing new Auto and Property claims or tracking the status of existing claims. You can also get help for immediate roadside assistance and queries related to insurance payments, refunds, or billing statements.

Help is also provided for making any changes to your existing policy or getting any queries resolved about the same. If you need support for life insurance and log-in help or account problems with the Allstate website or app, you can easily contact the customer service. 

Allstate customer service also assists you with services like Drivewise and Milewise and any general query about the company or its products.

Ways to Contact Allstate Insurance Service

For general queries and problems related to Allstate services, you can refer to the FAQs section of their website. However, if your queries are more complex or personalized, you can get in touch with Allstate customer support in the following ways.

  1. Login to Website: By logging in to your Allstate account, you can get direct access to online customer support offered by Allstate.
  2. Get their App: You can download Allstate mobile app by sending ‘Allstate’ to 25788. The app has in-built options for contacting customer support services and getting personalized help.
  3. Get in touch through their email: You can email your queries or concerns to Allstate customer support team here. You will need to enter your contact details, nature of the concern, and preferred mode of communication with the representative.
  4. Find a Local Agent: Allstate agents are your first point of contact with the company you can get your most issues resolved with them. You can find your nearest Allstate agent here.
  5. Call the helpline: Allstate has active helplines open specifically for different types of services. You can find the list in the next section.

Important Allstate Customer Service Helplines

  • General Helpline: Call 1-800-676-5456
  • To file a new claim: Call 1-877-810-2920
  • Get immediate roadside assistance: Call 1-877-597-3393
  • Auto and property insurance: Call our automated pay-by-phone system at 1-800-901-1732
  • Questions about a payment or your bill: Call 1-800-669-0653
  • Life insurance: Call 1-800-525-9287
  • To make changes to your policy and get answers to your policy questions, you have a few options: Call 1-800-669-1552
How to Contact Allstate Insurance Customer Service for Help



Allstate helplines and customer support services are active 24/7. That’s why it’s likely that all your concerns will be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. If you’re calling a customer service person, have all relevant information about your service and account ready.

This will save time and will help the support team effectively address your concerns.