Here is How to Contact Fossil Customer Service

Every brand wants to project authenticity and provide the best possible services to its customers. And one service that has a significant impact on brand authority is customer service. 


Having established itself as an overarching fashion designer and product manufacturer across the globe, Fossil tends to leverage its customer service to proffer a hassle-free experience to its buyers. 

For this reason, the company has provided various ways for its customers to initiate contact. Here’s a list of all the routes you can take to contact Fossil. 

Here is How to Contact Fossil Customer Service


Let’s Start With a Hello

The primary method of contacting any business is by giving them a phone call. Yes, even in the time of the internet and chatbots and whatnot, 28.7% of the people choose to call. 

Fossil has set one primary number for its customers residing in different countries. To get the phone number corresponding to your country, you can simply visit the company’s official website

Calling a customer service representative appears to be the go-to choice for a particular segment of customers. And for everyone else, when the need of the hour is nothing but immediate, then calling is arguably the best way to go. 

Millennials Take the Online Chat Route 

When it comes to calling, millennials dislike it due to several reasons. A couple of those includes long wait times and having to talk to the IVR first. 

While this breeds a delay in service response time, the millennial demographic believes in better utilization of its time by wasting none of it. Fret not, online chat to the rescue! This option is segregated, and there are a number of ways to move forward. 

Starting with the application-based online support channels that allow the customers to get in touch with the customer service bots first. 

If you have the Fossil application in your cell phone, all you’ve to do is click on Profile, and then navigate to Help. Under this section, you will find three options, Mail; Live Chat; and Call. 

Click on Live Chat, and you will be redirected to a web page that enlists different categories of services to choose from. This includes orders, warranty, smartwatches, policies, legal, product info, and much more. 

Select your problem area, and you will be presented with a number of pre-answered questions. 

Shoot an eMail

The official email support from Fossil allows the customers to ask questions, put up queries, and lodge complaints regarding the service or a product. Emails are one of the most effective ways to reach out because it reaches the organization’s major channels of communication. 

In some countries, email is also accepted as a legal document, which is also permissible in the court of law. Thus, the customer service representatives refrain from providing any untested solutions. 

Yes, the email is a long shot, and you might have to wait for a few days to get your response. But, the answer you receive on emails is detailed and clearly laid out to your solution. 

Facebook Messenger

While this may not be a conventional method, reaching out to the company on the messenger does no harm. In fact, brands take your query even more seriously if you use social media platforms to raise issues.

Thus brands make it a point to reach out to the customers themselves via social media platforms like Facebook to get their reviews on products and services. 

Here is How to Contact Fossil Customer Service



With application powered chat, Email, and Calling, you may need to first identify your problem before initiating contact. Fossil has a diversified portfolio of products, and to provide efficient customer service, they have segregated the contact points. 

Selecting the correct contact point will benefit you by helping you connect with the right representative quickly.