How to Select Perfect Voltage Stabilizers FAQ – V-Guard FAQ

Q.1 What is an electronic voltage stabilizer?
Voltage Stabilizers, as the name suggests, help stabilize the voltage. This means, if the supply voltage fluctuates or varies, it automatically brings it to the desired range.


It does so by using a combined mechanism of an auto transformer and electro-mechanical relays.

Q.2 Does a stabilizer give constant voltage output?
No. But it helps operate the connected appliance/equipment in a safe voltage range.

Q.3 How does one select the right stabilizer for their equipment?
A simple way to select the right stabilize
Check the Voltage & current rating of the device. It is written on the sticker near power socket else check the manual
In India typically the voltage will be 220V
Multiply 220 x Current of all devices and then add the individual device’s VAs. Add a 20-25% safety margin to arrive at stabilizer rating. If you have plans to add more devices later, you can keep buffer for them
You should also consider the surge current which flows when you switch on the device

Q.4 How does the stabilizer protect the connected equipment?
The stabilizer will give a stabilized and safe voltage to the connected equipment within the specified limit even if the input voltage is high or low. It does so by using an auto transformer having a number of tapings, which will be selected as primary/ secondary for step up/ step down operations in accordance with the input voltage level. The tapping selection is done by using appropriate arrangement of relays.

Q.5 What is the importance of Time Delay?
Time Delay system helps the compressor to get proper balancing time during power cuts. It will protect the compressor from frequent re-starting and ensures the safety of the connected equipment, in case of Voltage fluctuation by providing a delay.

Q.6 What is the duration of normal Time Delay?
Usually, the duration of Time Delay is between 2 to 4 minutes.

Q.7 What is ITDS?
ITDS means Intelligent Time Delay System. This feature provides a Time Delay only when it is actually necessary, which means there is no initial Time Delay.

Q.8 How does the Time Delay increase the life of the compressor?
Time Delay gives the compressor balancing time between power cuts thereby enhancing its life.

Q.9 Why are the Low voltage cut-off and High voltage cut-off necessary?
All electrical and electronic items are sensitive to high voltage. If the input voltage of the connected equipment is more than 270 V, it harms the equipment. For some electronic equipment, even if the input voltage reaches above 250 Volt, there may be some malfunctioning. To protect the equipment, it makes it necessary to have these cut-offs.

Q.10 Can TV stabilizers be used for refrigerators?
No, because the working range requirement for refrigerators and TV are different. Refrigerators require stabilizers with low voltage cut-off and time delay other than the high voltage cut off. However, the TV stabilizers are only equipped with a high voltage cut-off.

Q.11 Can a refrigerator stabilizer be kept on top of the refrigerator?
It is always advisable to keep it on a separate stand.

Q.12 Is a volt meter necessary for a stabilizer?
No, it’s not necessary. Since stabilizers already have the low cut-off and high cut-off feature, they will automatically turn off the connected equipment during voltage fluctuations.

Q.13 What is meant by Spike?
Spike is a kind of line noise voltage or it can be termed as the abrupt raise in the voltage which lasts for a very short period of time. Such a dangerous voltage(upto Kilovolt range) can damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Q.14 What is ZCD technology?
ZCD or Zero Crossing Detection Technology helps enhance the stabilizer’s life and reduce the radio frequency noise generation. The Relay changeover in the stabilizer takes place during the Zero Crossing period of the AC Mains input voltage.

Q.15 Can we use normal TV stabilizer for LCD TV?
It is advisable to use specially designed V-Guard LCD TV Stabilizer to protect and enhance the performance of your LCD TV. Compared to CRT TVs, the LCD / LED TVs are more sensitive to voltage fluctuations and spikes. The working ranges of LCD / LED TVs are from 90V to 290V. It shows that these TVs are more sensitive to high voltages.

Q.16 Is it necessary to use a stabilizer even if my refrigerator is stabilizer free?
Yes, no matter what the model, a stabilizer is required. There is no stabilizer inside the refrigerator. Refrigerator companies claim that it can work at both, low and high voltage. But operating the refrigerator at a low voltage affects its cooling efficiency and its life. Also, there is no low voltage cut-off & high voltage cut-off in the refrigerator. This is the reason major refrigerator companies insist on using a good quality voltage stabilizer, in their warranty card.