Here Is How to Contact Amazon Advertising Customer Care

Since capitalism became the norm, advertising has played a crucial role in the success of any product or service. With the changing dynamics of technology, brands are now resorting to online advertising and marketing.


However, the appropriate choice of an online platform or portal is an equally important decision which brand strategists have to make. Therefore, it is always a good idea to market the product or service on a website that draws a huge amount of traffic. 

Online shopping websites such as Amazon always feature in the list of consumer favorites. Consequently, it is a lucrative platform to advertise your brand. Furthermore, if you have any grievances, you can reach out to them via their customer care services.

Here Is How to Contact Amazon Advertising Customer Care


About Amazon Advertising

Owing to its diverse customer base, Amazon is an ideal platform for most brands to advertise their products and services. Moreover, Amazon provides supportive and brand-friendly options that can be explored to increase customer engagement.

Advertisers can choose to promote their products via display as well as video advertisements. These advertisements are then broadcasted across Amazon webpages, therefore enhancing the overall outreach of the brand.

Furthermore, advertisers can promote a specific product or service offered by their brand, with the complete focus being on increasing the individual visibility of the product. Alternatively, they can choose to enhance brand awareness and advertise the brand as a whole. 

In case an advertiser seeks better resources to attain a deeper understanding of the advertising strategies provided by Amazon, they can refer to various case studies as well as the campaign reports that are available online. 

Customer Service 

Amazon Advertising has maintained an honorable reputation for providing top-quality customer service to all its clients. There is a dedicated customer service portal, wherein advertisers can post their queries pertaining to different grievances. 

Moreover, there are separate subsections that advertisers can browse through for their specific issues. These subsections cater to diverse problems ranging from registering on the portal and the advertising services that can be provided.

Furthermore, advertisers can also learn more about managing their ad campaigns, budget planning, determining the target audience, and maintaining portfolios. Additionally, they can seek consultation about billing and payment options as well. 

Cost of Advertising

A competitive market requires a strategic approach to advertising products and services. On Amazon, you can either have self-serve ads or premium ones. While the former appears in search results for products, the latter pops up as visual banners and sidebar ads. 

For any kind of ads, it’s important to understand the relevant SEO and advertising services. The cost of Amazon SEO services ranges from $450 to $1500 each month. And Amazon Advertising Services starts at $1,000 and reaches up to $2,250 per month. 

How to Contact?

You would be thrilled to know that Amazon has set up a partner-friendly customer care contact service that ensures direct contact between the company and the advertisers. Depending upon the grievance, advertisers can seek consultation via different portals. 

Advertisers who are existing users of the platform can sign-in to the advertising console using their registered credentials. New users would have to create an account and initiate their advertising campaigns. 

In case an advertiser is unclear about their goals and visions from the portal, they can contact a customer care to seek expert aid. Therein, they can share their campaign budget and the primary motive of advertisement. 

Moreover, they can connect with an Amazon Advertising consultant for guidance.

Online Request

Additionally, advertisers can request help for their Amazon Advertising account as well by submitting an online request. To initiate an online request, advertisers can fill in an online form wherein they will have to enter their account and brand details along with their entity ID. 

Thereafter, they have to click on the ‘Submit Request’ tab at the bottom of the page. An Amazon executive reaches out with a solution within 3 business days. 

Here Is How to Contact Amazon Advertising Customer Care


The Bottom Line

The importance of effectively advertising any product and service cannot be undermined. Therefore, selecting an appropriate medium that guarantees a wider brand reach is paramount.

Time and again, Amazon has proven its mettle as a strong platform that can connect advertisers to their target audience and provide great customer service.