How to Call Oracle Customer Support

If you’re a company looking for data software and cloud support then you’ve got to check out Oracle. But sometimes the hardest part of aligning with a new company is figuring out if you’re going to be able to get support.


When you want to contact Oracle customer support, there are a number of ways you can do that. You can contact them through the company’s phone number or email and even look on their site to check out frequently-asked questions. 

If you have been wondering how to get in touch with Oracle customer support, then you have come to the right place. Up next, you’re going to find out about the background of the company, some of its features, and how to get in touch.

How to Call Oracle Customer Support
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About Oracle

With the digital world, a lot of data is transferred through various systems. For this data to get from one point to the other, there’s a need for software. Oracle offers these services.

The company doesn’t, however, only deal with data and software alone. You also have access to cloud data storage. There are also services that hover around the provision of hardware. 

The company also trades on the idea of being a low-fee data management service provider, and that means you can invest in one system and manage a whole bunch of the data you get in and send out.

Features of Oracle Customer Support

Oracle has one of the widest customer bases in the world and as such, the customer support features have to be clear. And since data is what makes the tech world revolve, a timely response is what Oracle support is geared towards.

The company has seen it fit to invest in support as the kind of service provided here is critical. Today, you have different avenues for getting in touch and for different reasons too. 

This makes for an efficient means of support as you won’t have to hold to be referred to the service you want.

So, to modernize your existent infrastructure, Oracle support should be more than able to support you. Your tech innovation as much as your adaptation to the current SaaS apps, Oracle will help you through.

How to Call Oracle Customer Support
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How to Get in Touch with Oracle Customer Support

Like most tech companies today, Oracle support is a 24/7 active system. And there are at least three ways that you can get in touch with about your questions and concerns. 

Just remember to have all your account details handy before you get in touch with them to make the process easier. 

Phone Calls – the only reason you can get in touch with Oracle through the company’s phone number is for sales. You want to inquire about a product before you can buy it.

The phone number to get in touch is 1-800-633-0738. For global reach, you can get more contacts here

Chats – generally, Oracle offers chat programs when you need to get in touch about different products. You can get support for the product here

Email – When it comes to email, you can get in touch about almost anything that you want.  


To get support from busy companies like Oracle, you need to know what options you have available to you. If you don’t know, you could be sitting on hold for very long on your phone. 

But since Oracle offers a  variety of ways to get in touch, choose the one that is going to most easily provide you answers in the least amount of time spent on your behalf.