Samsung UK – How to Reach Customer Service

Samsung UK has made a name for itself in the global market as being a leader in tech. But you might not know that they are a leader in customer service too. 


There are multiple ways to get in touch with companies. You can use emails, phone calls among other viable options that are offered. But with a company like Samsung, you need to know where exactly to have your problems answered.

You can’t hope to have a warranty issue solved when you reach out through the sales customer support. That will only take more time for your issue to be resolved. Up next we’re going to tell you the different ways that you can get in touch with Samsung.

Samsung UK - How to Reach Customer Service
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Samsung UK

Samsung in the UK offers home electronics and more. And they have been at it for quite some time now. The selling point when it comes to Samsung is you get to discover a wide range of appliances with cutting-edge tech.

The kind of electronics that Samsung sells in the UK include TVs, Tablets, smartphones among others. And that means that for many reasons people will always want to get in touch with them. 

They also offer warranty services for the same electronics that they sell. When it comes to selling their products Samsung has a number of ways in which its products are sold. 

You can find many items on the Samsung stand in most stores when you shop in person. But, you can also buy Samsung items online through several retailers.

Features of Samsung UK Customer Support

One feature that Samsung support has is to provide adequate assistance and in a timely manner. With a number of products being sold by Samsung being home use, customers need to be sure that they’ll get support when they are stuck.

You can also visit the FAQ section Samsung Customer support to get more info.

How Samsung UK Customer Support Can Assist You

Like every other customer support service in the world, there are boundaries as to what you can get support on. Here, the situation is pretty much the same and you need to get in touch for relevant issues. 

And you need to get in touch through the right channels. For example, for SmartCam products, you need only get in touch with phone number 877-349-3149. And the other services have their own way for you to get in touch.

This reduces the time you have to waste being transferred from one place to another. 

Samsung Customer Support can help you with the following.

  • Warranty Claims
  • Complaints
  • Repair
  • Manual and software downloads
  • Tips for Use on different devices
Samsung UK - How to Reach Customer Service
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How to Get In-Touch with Samsung UK Customer Support

There are multiple ways in which you can get in touch with Samsung UK customer support. The company has embraced the new modes of communication to make it easy to reach them.

Live Chat

Through the Samsung website (UK), you can get in touch with customer service through the live chat. Typically, during the day, the response is usually quite fast. If it is just getting around for purchases, the AI can easily get you going.


You can also reach out through the email address:


The other way to reach out is through the customer number 0330 726 7864


When you have to get in touch with a company that’s as big as Samsung, you need to have the right avenues for your particular concern. The information above will help you easily reach them.