How to Contact Customer Care with Android Oreo Issues

Mobile phones have come a long way, owing to constant technological advancements. While the simple feature phones led to the innovation of Java-run cellular devices, those gradually paved the way for the rise of OS-driven smartphones.


Today, it is the Android Oreo Operating System, developed by Google, that dominates the smartphone market. Although Google frequently updates the OS and core apps, keeping the platform fresh, it is quite natural for any software to experience a few minor glitches. 

We have listed down a few of these issues that you might encounter if you are an Android Oreo user. Furthermore, we have prepared a quick guide to help you contact the relevant customer support.

How to Contact Customer Care with Android Oreo Issues

Some Common Problems You May Encounter

Switching Devices

Transferring your complete information from your previous device to your new mobile phone is often considered a tedious task. However, the work is cut out to be much simpler with Android Oreo. 

You can transfer all your important data from your old device to your new phone in three easy steps. If you have an Android device, open Google Drive in it. In case you have an iOS device, download Google Drive from the App Store and log in with your Google credentials. 

The next step is to backup your information in your old device. Open Google Drive and select Menu > Settings > Backup. Select the content you wish to backup and tap on ‘Start Backup’. Once it is complete, sign-in to your Android Oreo device and access all your information. 

Pro Tip: Backing up data often consumes a lot of data and time. It is recommended that you initiate your back-up process after connecting to Wi-Fi.

Using Android Apps

You may often encounter some difficulties while using certain Android apps. This can be anything ranging from changing the privacy and permission settings of some apps to even learning something basic as disabling and deleting certain apps. 

For changing your privacy settings on your Android Oreo device, you would have to go to Settings. Thereafter, search for the specific app for which you want to alter the permissions. Tap on Permissions and choose between ‘Allow’ and ‘Deny’ to change the settings. 

As far as disabling apps is concerned, you can simply visit the Google Play Store and uninstall the app. 

Device Issues

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They often double up as our computer, payments wallet, camera, and even notebooks. Overworking the internal mechanism often causes certain device issues such as heating and hanging. 

One of the easiest ways to deal with such issues is to free your device space from time to time to ensure that the storage capacity is not overburdened. You can backup your information on Google Drive or in a personal hard drive. 

In case you experience any troubleshooting problems with your device, or your device would not start or charge, we recommend you contact the support team or visit the nearest service center.

How to Contact Customer Support

Google has devised an excellent customer-friendly support system that allows you to directly reach out to them with your grievances. The company boasts a designated online portal that is meticulously categorized into several sub-categories to aid you better. 

When you visit the official Android website, you will find a Support section. Therein, you will find several options addressing a multitude of issues. You will spot the ‘Android Help Center’ tab there, clicking on which will redirect you to the customer support page.

Here, you will come across a tab that requests a brief description of your issue. Simply, type in your problem and you will be directed to the appropriate solution page. 

This includes issues pertaining to app services, device protection, alterations in settings, or even resetting your device to factory mode. 

How to Contact Customer Care with Android Oreo Issues

The Bottom Line

Google continues to stand out as one of the leading tech giants by making customer support its utmost priority for Android Oreo users. 

Therefore, it is always a sagacious idea to invest your hard-earned money in a product backed by reliable customer support and not to mention the trust of a globally acclaimed brand.