How to Contact Home Depot Customer Service

Most of us today are on various digital platforms and even use them for the majority of shopping. That also includes delivery services that are being offered by the platforms or separate entities. 


At times, it proves difficult to get in touch with these digital platforms and the headache may be more when you’re dealing with delivery service. So, how about when you’re dealing with Home Depot?

There are several ways that you can get in touch, but which are the easiest to use?  Find out more about getting in touch with Home Depot next.

How to Contact Home Depot Customer Service
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About Home Depot

If you’re looking for a home improvement company that towers over the rest in the sector then Home Depot is the one for you. It is best known as a supplier of tools, services, and construction materials.

The good thing about the company is that despite having its head offices in Georgia, there are many big-box format stores across the US. There are stores even in the US Virgin Island. If you’re in Canada you can get the stores in all 10 provinces.

Features of Home Depot Customer Service

With a company like Home Depot, there are many things you as the customer may need help with. First, it is about your shopping and deliveries.

The best thing is about the use of some of the tools and how you can assemble them. The company has done well to invest in customer service to ensure that the customer gets all the help they need.

 The team is active over several platforms that you can easily get in touch. You can get in touch through the phone or the various online platforms.

What Can Customer Service Help You With?

There are many services that customer service can help you with when it comes to Home Depot. For example, if you want to become a vendor, supplier, or even a service provider you can reach out.

The service also carters for those who buy various items in Home Depot stores. It can be the building services or even the tools, customer service can help you with what you need. 

In case, you need home delivery services, you can also get in touch and find help. The good thing is that you have different portals for different countries to get the service. For example, you have a portal for US and Canadian merchandise. 

How to Contact Home Depot Customer Service
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How to Get in Touch with Home Depot Customer Service?

You can get support from Home Depot in a number of ways. And the service lines are open during the working hours of the day.

Through Their Website

You can get in touch with them through the home depot contact section on the website. You can also call 1-866-69-4347 which is always available 24/7. If you have any complaints, you can get in touch with them through this portal

Phone Call

To contact the customer service representative of Home Depot calling Home Depot’s helpline phone numbers below

770 – 384 – 4646 this is for those in the US

If you are in Canada, you can call this number to reach their service desk, 416-386-5847.

For those in Mexico, this is the number to use, 81 55 68 69.

Online Chat

They also have an online chat option which you can make use of here

Follow them on Social Media

You can also get in touch with reps from the company through various social media platforms. And you can follow Home Depot through Facebook, Twitter among others.


These days, customer service makes a company stand out more than other things. If you’re looking to get in touch with Home Depot, they provide a variety of ways to help ensure they stay on your radar.