How to Contact Stripe Customer Service

If you use a digital platform, you might face several issues that you need help with. Especially when it’s a payment processing service like Stripe, which can have a direct impact on your business and personal finances.


Thanks to the seamless technology, Stripe has convenient and active customer support in place for its customers. The company keeps updating its support portal and adding new features to facilitate customer interaction.

There are many ways in which you can contact Stripe customer service without wasting any time or money. The service provides a variety of methods to help you manage your concerns and we’re going to tell you about them next. 

How to Contact Stripe Customer Service

About Stripe

Stripe is a global technology facilitator that builds digital economic infrastructure for multi-national brands. Many companies, small or big, use the Stripe platform to manage their finances and business transactions online. 

Stripe not only provides a convenient way to accept and make payments but also provides analytics to record revenue data.

Additionally, the platform has several value-added applications to prevent fraud, manage revenue, and expand your business globally. Stripe helps more than a million companies around the world in managing businesses. 

This has been possible because of Stripe’s extensive network of regulators, banks, financial institutions, and consumer wallets.

Features of Stripe Customer Support

Providing timely and seamless support to such a vast user base is a hard nut to crack. But Stripe has stood out with its approach to customer service. The company has been investing in every aspect of customer service to cater to its users. 

This includes infrastructure, tools, as well as a trained support team across its 9 offices and global time zones. 

Striped has built efficient systems that turn standard metrics into personalized customer-centric insights to address all issues. The Stripe support team is active over the phone, chat, and email 24/7 for convenience. 

The company prioritizes getting you the most relevant answers regardless of the way you contact them.

What Can Stripe Customer Service Help You With?

Stripe customer support portal has information related to most common customer queries and problems. If you need more clarification or cannot find the information you need, you must contact the support team. 

Stripe customer service can help you with any issues you have with Stripe. It includes queries about billing, account, refunds, stuck payments, disputes, or third-party integrations.

Apart from that, you can also contact the developer team specifically for technical questions in #stripe on Freenode. If you have created your Stripe account via a third-party platform like Shopify, there are two ways to connect. 

As with most customer service, first, you can directly email the Stripe support team to ask Stripe-specific questions. Secondly, you can also email the support team of the third-party platform if issues are on their side.

How to Contact Stripe Customer Service?

Stripe support is active 24/7, and you can contact the team in the following ways.

  1. Email: You can send an email to the Stripe team from their support page. A trained representative will reply to you within 24 hours as per the company policy. Email communication is available in English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.
  2. Chat: The chat feature is integrated into the support portal of Stripe. Chat support is only available in English, and you might face an average waiting time of 3 minutes.
  3. Request a phone call: Stripe does not have an inbound calling helpline in place. So, you’ll have to request a phone call with a Stripe representative through the support portal. The calling feature is also available in English, and it takes a minimum of 3 minutes for a representative to call you back.

Note: It’s a prerequisite that you are logged in to your stripe account before continuing with any of the above features.

How to Contact Stripe Customer Service


The seamless technology developed by the Stripe team will ensure that your queries are addressed and resolved timely. It’ll be time-consuming to contact them over and again so have all the information needed with you before calling.